Does Zofran Prolong Qtc?

Does Zofran Prolong Qtc?

The manufacturer of Zofran was required by the FDA to conduct a study on the drug’s potential to prolong the QT interval. The study results show that the prolongation happens in a dose dependent manner.

How does Zofran affect QT interval?

The final analysis shows that ondansetron administration was associated with an increase in theQT interval by 20 ms. There was a significant prolongation of the QT interval at six, twelve, and fourteen minutes.

Does ondansetron cause long QT?

There are risks with ondansetron, such as prolongation of theQTc interval and cardiac arrhythmia.

Why does Zofran prolong QT?

Animal studies show that blocking IKr channels prolongs theQT interval. The drugs block the cardiac sodium channels that lead to the widening of theQRS interval, which prolongs cardiac depolarization and can lead to TdP.

Can Zofran cause torsades?

A single dose of Ondansetron can cause torsades de pointes and other arrhythmias in patients who have risk factors.

How does Zofran affect the heart?

A potentially fatal heart rhythm called torsades de pointes can be caused by abnormal heart rhythms. Serotonin Syndrome can be caused by Zofran or other drugs being combined with other drugs.

Does metoclopramide prolong QTc?

While the exact mechanism for this adverse drug effect is not known, it is thought that metoclopramide has pharmacologic characteristics that can contribute to the prolongation of the QT interval.

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What antiemetic does not prolong QT?

Both ondansetron and granisetron prolong the QT interval when they are injected into the body. There haven’t been any reports of prolongation after oral administration. Palonosetron and tropisetron aren’t related to prolongation.

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