How Do I Get Voice On My Tomtom?

How Do I Get Voice On My Tomtom?

How do I turn on voice on TomTom?

If you want to switch on voice control and show the button in the Driving view, you have to do it in the settings menu. To turn off voice control and remove the button from the Driving view, you have to do two things.

How do I get sound on my TomTom sat nav?

The Main Menu can be opened by selecting the button on the map. You can change the volume of voice instructions and warnings by selecting and sliding the volume control. The volume control will still change the volume of warnings if the voice instructions are not changed.

Why does my sat nav not speak?

If the volume on your device is low, you won’t hear the voice navigation. You can increase navigation voice volume by pressing the Volume Up button. If you have a phone in your car, you can use your car’s volume control to increase the volume on the maps.

Why is the voice not working on my navigation?

The experts suggest that you go to the settings, click on the navigation and turn on the two features. There is a chance that your phone and car have a problem. If you want to turn it off on both of them, you have to turn it back on.

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How do I turn my hearing volume up?

The lever on the upper part of the control should be pushed upwards. Slowly lower the volume by pushing the lever, or lower part of the volume control. You will hear a sound when you operate the volume control, but you have the option of disabling tones.

How do I get to my volume control?

You can access it by going to Hardware and Sound. You can adjust the system volume in the Sound section. The Volume Mixer window can be used to set the sound level for speakers, system sounds, and any open Windows apps.

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