Is Eager A Bad Word?

Is Eager A Bad Word?

I’m eager to get our new puppy, but sometimes people use anxious in that sentence, and almost all language authorities say that’s fine.

Is eager positive or negative?

The one with a negative meaning seems better suited to negative situations, while the one with a positive meaning seems better suited to happy ones.

What does it mean when someone calls you eager?

A person is excited about something. If you want to become a doctor one day, you might be interested in dissection. Do you have a squeamish friend? Not ready for it. “Eager” is a word that means “sharp, pungent or keen” and it means sharpness still.

Should I use anxious or eager?

The distinction of anxious and anxious is worth preserving. To be anxious about something is to be afraid of it. Being eager is like wanting something.

Is eager a good word?

Eager is a good word for that sentence, but sometimes people use anxious in them, and almost all language authorities say that’s fine.

Is eager formal?

Both can be used in formal conversations, but they don’t mean the same thing. It’s possible to be completely willing to do something, but not very eager. If my dog fell into a mud puddle, I would always wash him, but I wouldn’t want to do it again.

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Is Eager an emotion?

Positive emotions can be caused byagerness. The findings are in line with feelings-as-information theory and show that the emotions play an important role in forming metaperceptions.

How do you use eager?

Everyone in the class was eager to learn.

Has eager in a sentence?

This is an example of anager sentence. He was interested in talking all night. Betsy was eager to do what was asked of her. I wanted to learn more.

What is the opposite eager?

It was opposite of wanting to do or having something.

Is eager a character trait?

The trait ofagerness is one. People who are eager to learn present enthusiasm to improve themselves. These types of employees learn more and apply it to earn promotions and other benefits.

Is eagerly waiting correct?

In your sentence, eagerly is one of the words you use. It can’t be set off by a single word because it has a close connection with the word.

Is determined a word?

He was determined to get it home. She is making a determined effort and is not weak or uncertain.

What are examples of eager?

The definition of ready and impatient is what it means to be eager. A child is excited about going to Disney World for the first time.

What is the sentence of wondered?

An example of a sentence that was Wondered. I was wondering why you wanted me to look for it. She didn’t know what he was talking about. She wanted to know what he was that made him so strong.

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