What Does The Word Induce?

What Does The Word Induce?

To move by persuasion or force. The effect, cause, and cause are listed below.

What is an example of induce?

Induce is the act of causing something to happen or leading to action. A person can make themselves vomit by sticking their finger down their throats.

What does the word induce mean in medical terms?

This is the first thing. Labor is brought about or stimulated by this. There are two things. At the level of genetic transcription, it is possible to initiate or increase the production of anidase.

Does induced mean cause?

To cause a state or condition is what inducing a state is all about. Doctors warned that surgery could cause a heart attack. If you convince someone to do something, that’s what it’s all about.

What is induce action?

A motive is a consideration that leads to an action. The act or process of inducing is referred to as 2. The main allegations of a legal cause, plea, or defense can be explained by the introduction or background of the matter.

What is the meaning of induce sleep?

The deliberate effort to bring on sleep by various techniques is practiced to lengthen periods of sleep, increase the effectiveness of sleep, and to reduce insomnia.

How long does it take to give birth after being induced?

The process of inducting isn’t a quick one. It may take more than a day until you have a baby. It can take two days or more for your cervix to be prepared.

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