What Is A Positive Score On The Phq-9?

What Is A Positive Score On The Phq-9?

Patients with scores of 5 to 9 were most likely to have no depression or subthreshold depression, while scores of 10 to 14 represented a spectrum of patients.

What is a positive PHQ-9 result?

A score of 10 to 12 on the EPDS is a sign of possible depression and may not require immediate referral, but you should use your professional judgement and provide interventions described in the next section. There is a requirement for a referral for a positive score on item #10 on theEPDS.

How are PHQ-9 results scored?

Predicting and monitoring treatment can be done with the help of the PHQ-9 scores. If you want to score the instrument, you have to tally the responses under each heading. The score on the bottom of the questionnaire can be summed up by adding the numbers together.

What is the PHQ-9 score range?

The nine items have a total score of between 0 and 27. In this case, the depression severity score is 16 with 3 items scoring 3 and 2 items scoring 2. There are cut points for mild, moderate, moderately severe and severe depression.

What is a positive PHQ-2 score?

A score between 0 and 6 is called aPHQ-2. The optimal cut point is a score of 3. Major depression is likely if the score is more than 3.

What is a positive depression screening?

A positive depression screening doesn’t mean a diagnosis. It tells clinicians to look for more signs and symptoms of depression in patients.

How accurate is PHQ-9 scoring?

For the cutoff of 10 compared to the semi-structured interviews, the sensitivity and specificity was 0.88 and 0.86 respectively. The cutoff score approach seems to be the better option for detecting major depression.

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How accurate is PHQ-9?

When compared with a semi structured reference standard, the sensitivity was 7 to 24% higher than with a fully structured reference standard. There was no difference in specificity between the cut-off values and the reference standards.

Does PHQ-9 measure depression?

The PHQ-9 can be used for screening, diagnosis, monitoring, and measuring the severity of depression, as well as a short self-report tool.

What does PHQ-9 mean in medical terms?

There are nine items on the depression scale of the patient health questionnaires. There are nine diagnostic criteria for major depression in the DSM-IV.

Can PHQ-9 be used for diagnosis?

The PHQ-9 is used in primary care to diagnose depression and determine depression severity. It can give an appealing numerical and objective diagnosis to practitioners.

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