What Is The Best Podcast For Anxiety?

What Is The Best Podcast For Anxiety?

Does podcasting help anxiety?

In addition to seeking professional help, listening to a calming podcasts can be a helpful way to ease some anxiety.

What is the most calming sound?

There was a whisper. whispering has appeal, even though it may seem like an odd choice of relaxing sound.

What is a relaxing podcast?

Anyone who can’t fall asleep to voices should listen to Deep Energy 2.0: Music for Sleep, meditation, relaxation, massage, and yoga. Ambient sounds are included in each hour-long installments of the series.

What is the best podcast right now?

The 50 best podcasts to listen to right now include old-school pioneers, brand new names and more. Become a subscriber to the newsletter.

Is there a podcast on mental health?

The Mental Illness Happy Hour interviews comedians, artists, friends, and doctors on a weekly basis. Mental illness, trauma, addiction and negative thinking are explored in the episodes.

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