Which One Of The Following Is The Most Productive?

Which One Of The Following Is The Most Productive?

Which is the world’s most productive ecosystem in terms of biomass?

Explanation: Mangrove forests are one of the world’s most productive ecosystems in the production of wood products.

What is the most productive type of aquatic ecosystem?

The benthic area is the most productive part of the aquatic system. The benthic area is the lowest level of the water’s ecology. The coral reefs are the productive part of the regions.

Which continental ecosystem is the most productive in terms of net primary productivity?

Estuaries are the most productive when it comes to set primary production.

What are the top 3 most productive ecosystems?

The productivity of the world’s ecosystems varies a lot. The estuaries, swamps and marshes are the most productive systems per unit area.

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Which 3 ecosystems have the highest productivity?

The highest net primary productivity can be found in swamps and marshes, while the lowest can be found in deserts.

Which region has highest primary productivity?

On the equator, along the coasts, and in the high latitude ocean, higher productivity can be seen.

Why are oceans least productive?

Plants are not getting enough sunlight as the ocean gets deeper.

Is Deep Sea productive ecosystem?

The building block of life, organic carbon, can be produced by the world’s deep-sea hydrothermal vent microbes. It’s the same amount of carbon in 200 blue whales as it is in the rest of the ocean.

Which are some of the most productive ecosystems on earth Why?

What do you think are the most productive environments? The most productive places in the world are in the tropics. They are some of the most diverse places in the world. South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia have rainforests with high net primary productivity.

Why are coral reefs so productive?

Coral reefs are some of the most productive in the world. Their high productivity can be attributed to efficient biological recycling and a high retention of vitamins and minerals in a poor environment.

How productive are estuarine mangrove ecosystems?

Mangroves are considered to be one of the most productive and carbon sinks in the world.

Which biome is the most productive quizlet?

Which part of the world is more productive? The tropics are the most productive environment due to the abundance of water and warmth.

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What are the two most productive land ecosystems and the two most productive aquatic ecosystems?

Wetlands and tropical rain forests are the most productive. The open ocean and tundra are the most productive.

Which area is the most productive area in marine ecosystems?

The eastern parts of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean are home to some of the most productive marine areas in the world. Twenty percent of the world’s fish harvest is provided by them.

Which of the following is an example of a very productive ecosystem?

Wetlands are just as productive as rain forests and coral reefs. There are a lot of different species in a wetlands.

Which 3 ecosystems have the highest productivity quizlet?

The open ocean, desert scrubs, and the extreme desert are some of the things that exist. Is the world’s most productive environment? The ocean is open and the rain forests are tropical.

Are marshes productive?

swamps and marshes are the most important parts of the world’s ecosystems. The primary production of wetlands is between 600 and 2000 gC/m2/y.

Is the Southern Ocean productive?

High levels of primary productivity can be found in the Southern Ocean andAntarctica. Despite the lack of iron in the water, these plants are able to adapt and survive.

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