Which Part Of Ecosystem Is The Most Productive Explain Your Answer?

Which Part Of Ecosystem Is The Most Productive Explain Your Answer?

Primary productivity refers to the amount of energy that can be accumulated. Coral reefs are the most productive in aquatic environments. In the tropics, the highest productivity can be found.

What makes a highly productive ecosystem?

When the physical factors are good, a high primary productivity rate can be achieved. The primary productivity rate can be increased by the presence of some forms of secondary energy.

What are the top 3 most productive ecosystems?

The productivity of the world’s ecosystems varies a lot. The most productive systems are estuaries, swamps and marshes and tropical rain forests.

Why are wetlands the most productive ecosystems?

Wetlands are an important part of the ecology. The combination of shallow water, high levels of nutrition and primary productivity is ideal for the development of organisms that form the base of the food web.

Which biomes are most productive?

The primary productivity of tropical forests is higher than that of any of the other ones. The range of net primary productivity is 2 to 3 kilo m-2 y-1 or higher.

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What are the two most productive land ecosystems?

The rain forests are some of the most productive in the world. Estuaries and coral reefs are not as productive as tropical rain forests because they cover a small area.

What is the most productive type of aquatic ecosystem?

The benthic area is the most productive part of the aquatic system. The benthic area is the lowest level of the water’s ecology. There are coral reefs in these regions.

Which two marine ecosystems are the most productive?

Brown algal beds, seagrass beds and coral reefs are some of the most productive systems in the ocean. In the sublittoral zone of rocky coasts in cool waters, there are dense forests formed by the seaweeds.

Is the temperate forest highly productive?

The gross primary productivity of tropical rainforests is much higher than that of temperate forests, but the net primary productivity is the same.

Where is primary productivity the most prevalent and why?

The highest net primary productivity is found in swamps and marshes, while the lowest is found in deserts.

What is primary productivity in biology?

The primary productivity is the rate at which energy is converted to organic substances by photosynthetic producers.

Where is primary productivity highest in the ocean?

On the equator, along the coast and in the high latitude ocean, higher productivity can be seen.

Is Deep Sea productive ecosystem?

The building block of life, organic carbon, can be produced by the world’s deep-sea hydrothermal vent microbes. It’s the same amount of carbon in 200 blue whales as it is in the rest of the ocean.

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Are coral reefs more productive than estuaries?

Estuaries are considered to be the most productive natural ecosystems on the planet.

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