Why Is Productivity Low In Tropical Regions Quizlet?

Why Is Productivity Low In Tropical Regions Quizlet?

Tropical regions have low biological productivity due to the strong thermocline. There is a lack of sunlight in polar regions.

Why do tropical waters have low productivity?

The surface water is always warm and there is always a pronounced thermocline, which makes it hard for the bottom water to reach the surface. Productivity in tropical water is low throughout the year because of the limited amount of food in the water.

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Why is primary productivity so low in tropical and subtropical regions?

The tropics and subtropics are likely to have low productivity due to weak thermocline and pycnocline.

Why is the productivity in tropical oceans uniformly low year-round?

Why doesn’t the productivity in tropical oceans increase during the year? The availability of vitamins and minerals is one of the limiting factors in tropical oceans.

Why is productivity low in tropical regions?

Tropical regions have low biological productivity due to the strong thermocline. The lack of sunlight causes the polar regions to produce low levels of biological activity.

Why are coastal waters more productive?

The propensity for coastal upwelling and the proximity to land all result in highly productive environments.

What limits primary productivity in tropical oceans and why?

Primary productivity in tropical oceans is limited by the amount of food in the ocean.

Why are tropical waters nutrient poor?

When the water is warm, the water is trapped. The vertical layers of the ocean aren’t mixing, which means that the deep waters can’t hold all the vitamins and minerals.

Why is primary productivity higher in tropical regions?

A dense concentration of plants is present in Tropical Rainforests due to the fact that water, sunlight, and high temperatures are all consistent. High levels of productivity increase the amount of food that can be eaten.

Why is primary productivity of the open ocean lower than that of most terrestrial ecosystems?

Estuaries and coral reefs cover a small area compared to the tropical rain forests, which cover a large area.

Why do subtropical gyres have low biological productivity?

The Ekman pumping process takes some of the water out of the gyre system and puts it into the ocean. The low nutrient levels often seen in subtropical gyres can be traced back to the vertical flow carrying the necessary resources for biological activity.

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How does productivity in tropical regions compare to productivity in polar high latitude regions?

During the summer, productivity is limited by the sun. Productivity is limited in tropical regions because of the lack of vitamins and minerals.

How does latitude affect productivity?

The data doesn’t support the claim that the NPP is higher in the tropics than in the tropics. We found a negative relationship between the latitude of the forest stand and the productivity of the forest stand.

Why are colder waters more productive?

Why does cold water work better? The cold water has more dissolved oxygen than the warm water. Many fish have little or no red blood cells because of the high levels of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Is productivity higher on the land or in the sea?

Even though the ocean has more surface area than land, the total primary productivity is the same.

What makes the ocean least productive?

Plants are not getting enough sunlight as the ocean gets deeper.

What are the limiting factors for marine productivity?

Most aquatic organisms don’t have to deal with extreme temperatures or moist conditions. Their main limiting factors are the amount of sunlight and the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Why is the water clear in the Bahamas?

There are two reasons why the water in the Bahamas and Hawaii is more clear than the California coast.

How can corals live in nutrient poor waters?

The researchers say that the cave-dwelling communities provide a major food source for the coral because of their ability to remove plankton from the ocean water.

How important is primary productivity in aquatic systems?

Primary productivity is determined by the availability of light and the temperature of the water. It’s important that primary productivity is important because it’s the process that starts the food web.

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Why are tropical rainforests so productive and biodiverse quizlet?

The dense, shrubby growth consists of evergreen shrubs with thick hard leaves that protect the plants from the summer dry spell. There are many reasons why tropical rainforests are productive.

Why is the tropical rainforest the most productive biome?

There are more species in the Tropical Rainforests than in any other area on the planet. Warm temperatures and year-round rain allow for optimal growth of the high species diversity.

Why is one biome more productive than the other?

Primary production depends on a number of environmental factors. The level of primary production depends on availability throughout the globe and location.

What world ecosystem have high and low net productivity Why?

Net primary productivity is the percentage of gross primary productivity that is not used during respiration. The highest net primary productivity can be found in swamps and marshes, while the lowest can be found in deserts.

Why does coastal upwelling lead to high biological productivity quizlet?

High biological productivity is caused by coastal upwelling. The current provides a way for fish to move up in the water column and eat the plants on the surface. It brings water to the surface that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

What would explain the poor condition for biological productivity in the open tropical ocean quizlet?

Productivity is limited in tropical regions because of the lack of vitamins and minerals. In the middle latitudes, productivity peaks in the spring and fall due to a lack of solar radiation in the winter and a lack of nutrition in the summer.

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